Americans with disabilities homes in Chicago

URB, Inc. president Brian Urbanowski’s ADA home concept will set the standard for new single-family construction available for individuals with a physical impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.

ADA home concept

With an understanding that it takes much more than wider doorways, support bars, and lower countertops to make a house that is ADA adapted into a home for a person with a disability.

A URB ADA home is more than a functional space for people with disabilities. The home will be a safe environment to help live one’s life to the fullest, a very comfortable setting where the fondest memories will be made and most likely will be the homeowner’s largest asset that can increase in value because of its appeal to more than homebuyers with disabilities.

This home will be setting the standard to provide high-quality single-family housing for physically disabled adults in an independent living environment.