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Philanthropic Activities and Partnerships

Like you, I’ve had my fair share of requests for donations from various charity organizations. Unfortunately, I should have been more selective with most of my giving.

I am investing the time, energy, and money to screen 501(c)3 organizations carefully and will freely help you make a connection with selected charity causes.

Brian Urbanowski
URB, inc.

URB inc president Brian Urbanowski connecting with charitable causes in Chicago

Philanthropic Partnerships with URB

Brian Urbanowski believes in the power of collective action and invites you to join him as a Philanthropic Partner helping to make a profound impact serving children, the homeless, and veteran charitable causes.

As a Philanthropic Partner, you will have the opportunity to participate in events and activities organized by URB, and in addition to making a profound impact with your tax-deductible contribution, we will make sure you will receive the appropriate recognition and media exposure.

URB’s management’s prudence in selecting charitable organizations helps ensure that your act of kindness is truly appreciated, appropriately recognized, and not wasted.

I would welcome the opportunity to answer questions and respond to your interest.

Jonn Blazey
Director of Partnerships
(702) 205-2104

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