Making buying real estate easy for more individuals to be homeowners.

By owning the properties we sell, URB is able to remove the qualifying for traditional mortgage barriers giving more individuals the opportunity to be first-time, or second-chance, homeowners.

Our in-need of tender-loving repairs properties are reasonably priced and can be purchased with our no credit check financing and a sensible down payment.

To learn more please visit our URB Chicago properties for sale  or call (847) 673-7575 to speak with a friendly URB Chicago property specialist. URB Chicago is a member of the URB, inc. family of real estate professionals.

Buying real estate form URB inc properties for home buyers

Helping Start-up and Seasoned Chicago Rehabbers and Real Estate Investors

URB, inc. offers first-time and seasoned rehabbers and real estate investors reasonably priced properties, no credit rating requirements, and no-hassle financing with a sensible down payment.

The ability to recognize a property’s money-making potential is a common trait among successful rehabbers doing the work themselves and real estate investors hiring others to do the work for them. Should you be thinking about making money being a rehabber or real estate investor, but don’t know how to start give URB a call at (847) 673-7575 to speak with a friendly, knowledgable URB Chicago property specialist.