URB inc Connecting with Charitable Veteran Causes

The holidays should be a season full of joy for all. But sadly, it is a season of despair for many veterans in need and veterans who are single mothers in particular.

URB, inc. employees got into the ‘Tis the Season of Service spirit by doing good deeds to help the women who have served in the United States military.

Joined by URB, inc. president Brian Urbanowski, the first wave of his employees stuffed all-weather backpacks with winter hats, gloves, scarves, and an assortment of personal care products purchased by the company.

The backpacks and personal items address an immediate need brought to the attention of URB, inc. by the Northbrook-based United Relief Foundation ‘Tis the Season of Service campaign giving thanks and showing gratitude to our veterans, especially those needing immediate assistance.

“The men and women who served, and are serving, in the United States military have a special place in our hearts, which is why it is heartbreaking that there are so many veterans in need,” commented URB, inc. president Brian Urbanowski. “There is only so much any of us can do, but each good deed can make a difference in the life of a veteran.”

The United Relief Foundation, a 501(c)(3) humanitarian aid organization, will distribute the backpacks during its “Tis the Season of Service campaign, which ends on December 31, to women veterans residing in Cook County, Illinois.

Experiencing all the good that collective action can do, URB, inc.’s philanthropic activities include connecting others with charitable children, homeless, and veteran causes.

Founded in 1986, URB, inc. has grown into a family of real estate professionals, businesses, and services collectively engaged in philanthropic activities connecting with charitable causes.

For additional information about the ‘Tis the Season of Service’ campaign and URB, inc.’s connecting with charitable causes initiative, please contact:

Jonn Blazey
Director of Partnerships
(702) 205-2104

Photo (l-r) Kim, Shirley, Jonn, Brian, Rammy and Danny.