The holiday season and colder months are the most difficult for veterans in survival situations who are homeless, at risk of being homeless or experiencing a well-being crisis.

URB, inc.’s philanthropic activities have again included the United Relief Foundation ‘Tis the Season of Service campaign to provide hope and help to veterans in need.

Compounding the difference made, URB, inc. president Brian Urbanowski’s Connecting with Charitable Causes initiative encourages others to make a tax-deductible Good Deed monetary donation to the ‘Tis the Season of Service campaign.

This year, from November 11 to December 31, the ‘Tis the Season of Service campaign will be making immediate and lasting tangible differences for a minimum of 130 veterans in need, who will include female veterans with children, female and male veterans who are homeless, and female and male veterans experiencing food insecurity.

URB inc president Brian Urbanowski and a group of URB employees helping Chicago veterans

‘The holidays can be a stressful time even if all seems well. I’m hopeful others will consider doing a good deed to help our veterans in need know they have not been forgotten and their service has not been forsaken.” URB, inc. president Brian Urbanowski

Monetary donations will used to purchase and distribute hygiene products, winter clothing items, and other health and wellness necessities depending on each veteran’s particular need.

For every $25 donation, a veteran’s urgent care need is served, and with a minimum $250.00 donation, URB, inc., and the United Relief Foundation will publicize, with the Donors’ permission, the Donor’s Good Deed helping veterans in need, excluding the donation dollar amount.

17 years of service! The United Relief Foundation is a Northbrook, Illinois-based 501 (c)(3) humanitarian organization remembering, honoring, and helping the men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces.

To learn more about the United Relief Foundation or make a Good Deed donation dedicated to the ‘Tis the Season of Service campaign, please visit

URB, inc. management’s due diligence in selecting charitable organizations helps ensure that your act of kindness is truly appreciated, appropriately recognized, and not wasted.

I would welcome the opportunity to answer questions and respond to your interest.

Jonn Blazey
URB, inc.
Director of Partnerships
(702) 205-2104