Donating property to a non-profit charity provides you with a great way to do a lot of good and enjoy what many consider an impressive tax deduction. If your real estate asset has not grown in value or unfortunately turned into nonproducing, money-draining property, it may be time to consider donating real estate to a 501c3.

Urban Renewal Project

The Urban Renewal Project originated as an idea (Project) by URB, Inc. to generate attention to the value of donating unwanted, distressed and abandoned Chicago (Urban) real estate that can be renovated to bring back the vibrancy (Renewal) of a community while doing good for charitable causes, particularly helping the men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces.

Doing our charitable part!

URB contributes our real estate expertise and property donation experience to facilitate the donation process.

Your property does not have to be in perfect condition.

We understand distressed or abandoned residential, rental, and commercial real estate is not only harder for a property owner to sell but still has the heavy financial burden of upkeep, utilities, insurance, and property taxes.