It is encouraging to discover other entities with similar objectives as URB’s Helping Hands Network like Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives.


The Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives was formed in 2010 to coordinate resources, economic development, and neighborhood revitalization efforts in Chicagoland’s low-to-moderate income neighborhoods. CNI seeks to revitalize neighborhoods and create jobs by developing high-impact projects, providing financial resources to entrepreneurs, and sustaining long-term community partnerships.

Notable Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives Efforts

Preserving Pullman’s History

CNI works to preserve Pullman’s iconic brick rowhomes, which have served as a backdrop for such movies as “The Fugitive” and “Road to Perdition.” Hard hit by foreclosures in the early 2000s, Pullman’s historic residences are coming back to life, one by one, through the work of CNI, public agencies, and community partners. CNI acquires vacant abandoned rowhomes, restores them, and sells them to individuals and families looking for safe, affordable housing in a revitalizing neighborhood.

Green Sustainable Development

Besides creating economic development opportunities that revitalize neighborhoods and improve people’s lives, CNI and its community partners also are focused on addressing urgent environmental issues, such as climate change and air pollution, by attracting and developing energy-efficient and environmentally friendly projects to ensure a sustainable future.

To learn more about Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives please visit their website