URB fostering homeownership and the American Dream

Homeownership has long been accepted as a core component of the American Dream ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved.

Everyone deserves the American Dream of owning a home to benefit from the ability to accumulate wealth, build equity, and reduce housing costs, which is one reason why my company finances everyone with only a down payment.

published on Forbes.com

A new survey reveals that nearly three-quarters of Americans place owning a home above career, family and college as a sign of prosperity.

Nearly three-quarters of Americans say owning a home is a higher measure of achievement than having a successful career, raising a family or earning a college degree, according to a new survey. But affordability remains a challenge for many of them.

The survey, released in March for Bankrate.com, a financial services company, found that 74 percent of respondents ranked homeownership as the highest gauge of prosperity, above having a career (60 percent), children (40 percent) and a college education (35 percent).

The survey, conducted by the market research firm YouGov, comprised 2,529 adults, 1,397 of whom were homeowners. Of those respondents who did not own homes, about two-thirds pointed to one or more affordability factors for holding them back, including income level, soaring housing prices, and their ability to make a down payment.

Other factors included poor credit, not being ready for homeownership, and high mortgage rates. Fourteen percent said they were not inclined to be homeowners, regardless of the circumstances.

To find more affordable housing, 58 percent of all respondents said they would be willing to make compromises, including moving to another state, buying a fixer-upper, or moving to a less desirable area.

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URB continues to address the affordability, income level, soaring housing prices, ability to make a down payment poor credit and soaring housing prices factors to help people achieve their American Dream of owning a home.