Network of Woodlawn Chicago Comprehensive community-building collaborative model came to URB’s attention during our efforts to heighten the awareness of the positive attributes of the communities in Chicago we serve and is another example of the good that comes from collaborating.

The Network of Woodlawn is a comprehensive community building collaborative model which uses a “four-pillar approach” to addressing community needs.

NOW’s pillars are Economic/Community Development represented by the Woodlawn Partnership for Economic Development; Safety represented by the Woodlawn Public Safety Alliance; Education represented by the Woodlawn Children’s Promise Center; and Health and Human Services. These pillars have been identified by Woodlawn residents as the basic building blocks of a healthy community.

NOW coordinates the work of these pillars creating a seamless and integrated approach to addressing the needs of Woodlawn’s residents.

NOW grew out of support provided through LISC’s New Communities Program initiated in 2003. NOW is extremely committed to community empowerment in helping to institute creative strategies to address issues facing the Woodlawn community and its residents. And we believe in the building of people from our youth to our seniors.