The Triple Bottom Line of homeownership adds to the value of URB properties for sale being a sound investment for buyers.

A Freddie Mac post Why Homeownership Matters: The Triple Bottom Line nicely summarizes three, of a dozen, reasons why URB properties for sale have been a sound investment for buyers since 1986.

Homeownership and the American Dream. Our founding fathers linked the notion of property ownership to security, a stake in the ground, and general happiness.

The same applies today as homeownership remains the cornerstone of the American Dream – providing individuals and families with a sense of emotional and financial stability and, historically, boosting household wealth through equity and appreciation over time.

Homeownership and the Community. Homeownership plays a vital role in helping to build strong, stable communities. In addition to it bolstering a community’s treasury through taxes, research shows the many social benefits it provides, including increased volunteerism, improved health, and less crime.

Homeownership and Our Economy. The housing market is a driving force in our economy, and homeowners also tend to buy more goods and use more services in their communities, further benefiting the economy.