Equity and Resiliency are the guiding principles of We Will Chicago.

Recognizing the equitable and resilient “Value To All” plans that put Chicago community residents first, URB president Brian Urbanowski encourages and supports We Will. Together. to identify goals that are important to Chicagoans and provide strategies to achieve them.

We Will Chicago will then serve as a roadmap to ensure all Chicago’s public agencies are proactively addressing current and future needs through principles of equity and resiliency.

Equity is essential to address structural racism, depopulation, poverty, and health disparities. Equity is measured by both processes and outcomes for people.

Resiliency is necessary for individuals, institutions, and systems to survive, adapt, and rebound in the face of chronic stresses and acute shocks, like climate change and pandemics.

‘We Will Chicago’ Plan Can Boost Economy By Investing In Black And Brown Neighborhoods, Southeast Siders Say

Maxwell Evans  April 28, 2022 article ‘We Will Chicago’ Plan Can Boost Economy By Investing In Black And Brown Neighborhoods, Southeast Siders Say post on BlockClubChicago.com nicely frames how Chicago residents engaged as part of a citywide planning initiative set to be implemented across Chicago next year.

SOUTH CHICAGO — Southeast Siders guiding Chicago’s first citywide plan in nearly 60 years said they want to see investment in local businesses, community-led projects and jobs programs, and they’re encouraged by the city’s efforts to gauge their needs.

We Will Chicago is the first citywide plan to encourage equitable neighborhood growth since the 1966 Comprehensive Plan crafted under Mayor Richard J. Daley.

The plan will guide city officials’ budget and policy priorities around seven pillars: Economic development; arts and culture; the environment, climate, and energy; housing and neighborhoods; lifelong education; public health and safety; and transportation and infrastructure.

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Host your own community meeting with We Will’s “Meeting-in-a-Box”

Want to host your own We Will Chicago planning forum? Thanks to a new virtual toolkit, meetings can be hosted by community organizations, block clubs, condo associations, or small groups of family or friends. The toolkit also helps organizers share key takeaways from these forums for incorporation into the We Will planning process.

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