Chicago Real Estate Donation Referral

Making a Difference With Unwanted Real Estate

Real Estate Donation Referral: Chicago real estate donations help Compound the Profound Impact of helping the Charities that Serve those in Need! Learn how to make a referral to donate Chicago real estate.

When it comes to making a difference with real estate donation referrals of unwanted property, keep in mind Chicago real estate donations are substantial contributions that offer significant support for charities and their causes.

Your referral of Chicago real estate donations can make more of a difference than you could imagine for the receiving charity and the real estate donor.

How your real estate donation referral might also help the donor.

Donate Chicago real estate instead of selling? For most of the Chicago real estate donations, URB has facilitated, the donors weigh the benefits of a significant tax deduction and shedding themselves the expenses of repairing and maintaining their properties by donating against the time, energy, and money spent on trying to sell.

How to make a referral to donate Chicago real estate.

To aid charitable causes and make it easy for people to confidently donate Chicago real estate to a qualified 501(c)(3) charity for a tax deduction, URB president Brian Urbanowski has been volunteering his and his staff’s real estate expertise and charitable experience to facilitate real estate donations.

Donate Chicago real estate in any condition or situation (i.e., inherited, vacant, in need of extensive repairs, code violations, back taxes, etc.), and all real estate donations are given the appropriate consideration.

Should you know of any home, mixed-use, or commercial property owner who you feel would benefit from donating their real estate, please contact Manny Herrera.

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